WFD Companies

Fire Captains

Jawad Kiani  / Hillel Schreier

Fire Lieutenants

Joe Sauer  / Ross Godlberg / Mike Benzakein

Rescue Company

Jay Goldmark Captain

Eric Kasre 1st Lieutenant

Donny Grunstein 2nd Lieutenant

Engine Company – 355

The Green Mountain Boys run Engine 355. The engine is a 1999 Spartan/Saulsbury custom rig outfitted with a 1500 gallon per minute Waterous pump. The engine carries two 200′ pre-connected crosslays, which serve as the Department’s primary means of fire attack. The engine can carry eight firefighters (including the chauffeur and officer) and is distinguished by the prominent green stripe that runs all around it’s body.

Equipment Highlights:

  • 600′ “dead-bed” for extended hose stretches
  • 24′ Extension Ladder
  • Pre-piped Foam Delivery System

Hose Company 1- 354

Engine 354, or “The Wagon,” is a custom 1999 Spartan Gladiator/Saulsbury Pumper. TheWaterous pump is rated at 1500 Gallons per minute and has four preconnected lines. The engine carries almost 5000 feet of hose.

Equipment Highlights:

  • 150′ Bumper line for rapid fire attacks
  • 1200′ of 5″ Supply Line
  • Hydra-Ram Forcible Entry Tool
  • MSA Evolution 5200 Thermal Imaging Camera

Truck Company – 352

Ladder Truck 352 is 1999 Spartan/Saulsbury Custom rig. The LTI Rear Mounted Ladder, extends 110 feet and is equipped with an attached waterway. The cab seats six firefighters in addition to the chauffeur and officer.

Equipment Highlights:

  • Over 150′ of Portable Ground Ladders
  • AMKUS Hydraulic Spreaders and Cutters
  • TNT Portable Hydraulic generator
  • Two Partner Circular Saws for Ventilation and Forcible Entry
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan

Rescue Company – 359

The Woodmere Fire Department is proud to announce the arrival of their newest apparatus — a Braun 2009 Chief XL. This unit will be replacing the department’s 2003 MedTec ambulance and will act as the first due to all rescue alarms. The MedTec will continue to serve the community as our department’s second-due ambulance. The ambulance is equipped with the latest in emergency medical transport technology. A brand new Philips MRX Cardiac Monitor will enable Advanced Life Support Technicians the ability to provide the highest level of pre-hospital cardiac care. Additionally, a new Masimo Rad-57 monitor will enable Emergency Medical Technicians the ability to detect oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in a patient’s blood. The Woodmere Fire Department is confident that this newest addition to our fleet will enable us to continue serving our community’s emergency medical needs well into the future.

The Woodmere Fire Department Rescue Company has two ambulances available for response. 359, our first due ambulance is completely stocked for both Advanced and Basic Life Support responders. 3591 is also completely stocked for Advanced Life Support level care.

Equipment Highlights:

  • Lifepack 12 Heart Monitor
  • Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit
  • GPS Navigation System